Assistive Technology

North Central Sight Services, Inc. employs an Assistive Technology Specialist to help educate blind and visually impaired clients on the latest technology, including Apple products, to enhance independence. Services include:

  • Evaluate individual client’s assistive technology needs and abilitiesKeyboard with large yellow keys and large print letters and numbers
  • Coordinate client selecting and obtaining appropriate assistive devices and/or technology
  • Train client in forms of assistive technology that best suit individual needs
  • Provide technical assistance to clients, family members/significant others, professionals, and employers in the effective use and integration of assistive technology
  • Refer clients to appropriate providers for additional training (low vision, orientation and mobility, vision teaching.)

Wearable Devices For Low Vision

Low vision experts say that wearable technology is the future to help those with vision loss live an active lifestyle. Many wearable options make it possible for those with low vision to see and take part in everyday tasks, such as reading, watching television, and being able to see a loved one’s face. North Central Sight Services is an authorized demonstration site for IrisVision, eSight, and Aira.

Please contact Brandon DeArmont 570-599-8659 to set up a demonstration of these products.

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