Prevention & Education

North Central Sight Services, Inc. is dedicated to preventing blindness and vision loss in your community. We provide quality vision screenings and educational programs to all ages with the goal of lowering the occurrence of vision loss in our community.

Preventative Vision Screenings

Our vision screenings help to detect symptoms of vision problems and potential eye conditions. Our highly trained staff use the quick non-invasive Welch Allen Spot™ Vision Screener, a handheld device that quickly scans both eyes from three feet away. The Spot can detect potential vision problems starting at six-months of age. If an individual shows signs of visual concerns during our screening, we refer that individual to an eye care professional of their choice for a complete eye exam.

Eye Health and Safety Education Programs

Our team provides interactive educational programs for groups of all ages to foster a better understanding of eye health and safety.  Programs may include engaging story time, dog guide education, braille activities, and interactive activities with low vision simulators or Virtual Reality Headsets.

Eye Care Assistance Programs

The Eye Care Assistance Program provides community members of all ages with a basic eye exam as well as assistance in obtaining affordable glasses. 

Vision Clinic

A Certified Optometrist provides basic eye exams to both children and adults in need in our monthly Vision Clinic. This is offered free of charge and no insurance is required. If you or your child are underinsured and could benefit from our clinic, please contact our Prevention of Blindness Department for more information. 

Glasses Program

This program provides financial assistance to individuals looking for basic eye glasses. After completing an application and providing proof of income, participants will be required to pay a determined fee. Once the copay is received participants will be authorized to then visit our partner provider and choose their glasses. If you are interested in learning more about obtaining affordable eye glasses through our program, please complete the application below and return to our office or visit in person at 2121 Reach Road, Williamsport and we can assist you with the process. 

FVC-REC Application Packet

Low Vision and Blindness Awareness Training

Do you know someone with low vision? Chances are, you will sometime in your lifetime, whether it be a family member, a neighbor or coworker. Approximately, 2 in every 25 people in America have some type of significant vision loss. It is important for us as a community to understand that not all blindness “looks” the same. The number of people that are totally blind is a very small percentage of those that are legally blind. Some people may see the world through tunnel vision, limiting the amount of what they see to a restricted area. While others may see everything in their environment, but may have dark, distorted, or blurred areas that make it difficult to read and recognize faces. Once we understand that vision loss is as unique as the person who experiences it, we then realize that offering assistance is not a one size fits all. However, there are many standard techniques and etiquette expectations that are universal for us to utilize. 

Through our LV&BV training, we provide our participants information and experiences to better understand various types of vision loss as well as skills to consider when assisting an individual with low vision. Participants will have an opportunity to complete daily living activities while wearing vision loss simulators, experiencing how daily tasks could be more challenging with limited vision. We then discuss ways one may accommodate with vision loss techniques and devices. Participants will have the opportunity to explore some of these low vision products as well as practice guiding techniques and other useful tips. Participants will learn that we should always encourage and support a person’s independence and only provide assistance that is requested by the person with vision loss. We will also share resources available to assist individuals to live as independently as possible in their home and community. 

Although we provide information and experiences to give some insight on what it may mean to be visually impaired, we do not suggest that one can fully know what it would be like to live with significant vision loss. We hope to provide you with the skills that make you better able to understand low vision and ways to support those with vision loss in your life. 

To schedule a Low Vision and Blindness Awareness Training please contact our Community Education Specialist 

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