Financial Assistance Available for Assistive Technology for Centre County Residents with Low Vision

For people who have low vision, everyday tasks become more complicated and living independently can become difficult. Assistive Technology, however, can change that.

North Central Sight Services is offering financial assistance to Centre County residents to provide Assistive Technology devices. The funding is made possible through a grant presented to North Central Sight Services by an anonymous donor.

“Assistive Technology helps people with low vision to live independently,” said North Central Sight Services President and CEO Brian Patchett. “We are thrilled to have the opportunity to get these life-changing devices in the hands of Centre County residents who can benefit from them.”

Assistive Technology ranges from low-tech items like bump dots and magnifiers to high-tech devices such as CCTVs, digital magnifiers and wearable devices, many of which include text-to-speech features.

North Central Sight Services employs an Assistive Technology Specialist to educate blind and visually impaired clients on the latest technology, including Apple products, to enhance independence. At the organization’s Assistive Technology Lab in Williamsport, the specialist helps evaluate individual client needs and helps find devices that best suits those needs. The specialist is there to support clients every step of the way, including obtaining the appropriate devices and providing technical assistance to clients, family members and employers.

In addition to the availability of individual financial assistance, North Central Sight Services recently donated Assistive Technology devices to Bellefonte Library, the main branch of the Centre County Library System, to assist library patrons who have low vision. The donation to the library includes two desktop video magnifiers, five handheld devices, two high-contrast/large-print keyboards and one large monitor, as well as a Zoom text magnifying software license. While the desktop devices are available for patrons to use on-site at the Bellefonte Library, the handheld devices are available to patrons to borrow for a seven-day loan.

If you’d like to learn more about Assistive Technology or the financial assistance available to Centre County residents, please contact us at (570) 323-9401.

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