NCSS Receives Grant from the Elsie Skvir Ganister Fund at the First Community Foundation Partnership of Pennsylvania

North Central Sight Services was awarded $465.00 from the Elsie Skivir Ganister Fund at the First Community Foundation Partnership of Pennsylvania. These funds will be used to provide vision screenings to 232 children in the community’s we serve. 

School districts are currently performing annual vision screenings on all their students to remain in compliance with 28 PA code, Chapter 23.4. Valuable resources are being used within the school districts, often removing those resources from daily school functionality including but not limited to nursing and administrative staff. NCSS aims to remove the need for these resources by assisting in meeting state mandated reporting requirements while also providing high quality screening results and information from certified screeners and consistent follow-up and support for families as they seek the corrective measures needed for their children. The American Association of Pediatrics Ophthalmology and Strabismus sites several correlations to the academic performance in children and the health of their eyes. Early detection and treatment are imperative. 

NCSS is expanding our Social Services Program to provide all students in Lycoming, Sullivan, and Tioga County School districts with high quality, state mandated vision screenings on an annual basis. These funds will help us reach that goal. 

NCSS staff completes vision screenings for numerous school districts and will begin to incorporate an auditory assessment to school children K-12 to provide all results necessary to meet state reporting guidelines. NCSS will also assist in the referral of students who meet additional referral criterion. 

We are thankful to the First Community Foundation Partnership of Pennsylvania for their continued support! 

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