Setting Our Sights on eSight

North Central Sight Services, Inc. is proud to announce a $25,000 eSight grant program to benefit the visually impaired within Lycoming County. This grant program will award up to $5,000 per qualifying individual to be used towards the purchase of a pair of eSight glasses. Due to the generosity of the Harry Plankenhorn Foundation, North Central Sight Services is able to make these eSight grants available to the community.

Robert Garrett, President and CEO of North Central Sight Services states, “This is amazing new technology that can provide improved vision for people who are legally blind, thus improving their daily lives significantly.” In 2016, six eSight units were introduced to the NCSS workplace, and the employees cannot stop raving about them. It was this positive feedback that inspired the North Central Sight Services team to take eSight beyond its own four walls and help others within the community.

eSight recently launched eSight 3, which retails for $10,000. North Central Sight Services realizes that this technology cannot be afforded by everyone, which is why this grant program is so vital. The team at North Central Sight Services, along with eSight, will also help individuals find additional funding sources to ensure that this life-changing technology is made a reality for as many residents of Lycoming County as possible.

“Bringing exceptional products and services to the community is one of the core elements of our mission,” says Jamie Snyder, Vice President of Operations at North Central Sight Services. “We are proud to bring new and innovative technology to this part of Pennsylvania.”

For complete details about the eSight grant program contact Tracy Haas-Ungard at 570-323-9401 ext. 124 or To follow our eSight journey visit and

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